A Pack: Miss Young’s

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Registered locally and at IHQ as 293.

1915 – 1923

The format for the registration Form F is not yearly at this date but cumulative and bears no date stamp but is clearly early. Despite the formal start year of 1916 Wolf Cub packs are recorded from late 1914 in Cambridge and are known as such.

  • Miss Young                  CM                  Date of warrant 1/9/1915
  • G W Webb                   ACM                18/2/1922
  • E C Porter                    ACM                18/2/1922
  • Miss D Walker             ACM                3/2/1923

Webb transferred to E Pack: Hope Class

The meetings were held on a Saturday, the pack was Open and the address was that of Miss Young.  In the 1921 census it had 24 Cubs, they returned numbers from 1921 (the first census figures available) until 1925.


The addresses of leaders suggests it was based in the Huntingdon Road, Victoria Road area. Miss Young completed 11 years as a leader and continued involvement at District level.

JWR Archivist June 2022