Scout Pennants

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Peewit Patrol Pennant           (John Chambers collection)
13th Cambridge 1929 Mixed patrol tent
1930’s camp 23rd Cambridge

A poor quality photograph of the 7th Cambridge showing a number of staffs with patrol pennants. Not every Scout appears to be carrying a staff. Presumably every P/L did.

7th Cambridge 1938
Panther Patrol Pennant Abington 1948
(John Chambers collection)
1961 Walesby  28th Cambridge
Late 1930’s – late 1940’s Unknown troop, unknown patrol

The first of the pennants below ‘Boy Scouts Fund’ has a distinct history. From 1930

Further Blue and Green pennants were flown from the ship Discovery for every £500 and £1000 raised by each County. It is not known how much was raised in total by Cambridgeshire.

T L Issacson was selected having recently been awarded a Scout medal for saving life.

(distributed  from John Chambers collection)
12th Cambridge adorning a camp notice board

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