15th Cambridge District: Outline

Cambridge District Scout Archive


  • Cambridge District troops are those outside Cambridge Town boundaries.  Some troops altered from Cambridge District to Cambridge as the boundaries altered. This system ended in steps between 1928 and 1935 and all Groups used Cambridge numbers.
  • Packs were not formally attached to troops until the move to the Group system in 1928.
  • Many of these District troops are poorly recorded.


  • 15th Cambridge District Soham                    1911 – 1912
  • 15th Cambridge District Gransden                1912 –
  • 15th Cambridge District (1st Gransden)                  – 1924/5

15th Cambridge District Soham                          1911 – 1912

Has a reference in 1911 B P Rally in Cambridge.  It is unlikely to be the 15th, too many numbers are missing between the highest known 7th Cambridge District.  Soham is now in Newmarket District but Soham was not among the named troops moving at the start of the District in 1916


15th Cambridge District Gransden                      1912 –

‘Composed of boys from Little and Great Gransden’ it was formed on November 18th 1912 and registered by St Neots Local Association.  On 4th January 1914 it was transferred to Cambridge District. 

Headquarters were Little Gransden rectory, Sandy.  Total strength 13 Scouts

  • SM             William Bull

A Troop controlled by Gransden Troop Committee, Secretary etc. Rev D Elsdale (Rector of Little Gransden) and Chaplain of the Troop.  The local railway station is uniquely added to this note, i.e. ‘Gamlingay  LNWRy’.


  • 15th Cambridge District (1st Gransden)                  – 1924/5                       IHQ 8223 and 9502

On the Re-registration document of 1922 it was recorded that the Troop was registered by Cambridge Association 21st May 1921, a note that might suggest that it had lapsed at some point between 1912 and 1921.

In 1922 the Troop failed to register in time.  Its IHQ number altered from 8223 to 9502 on re registration..  At this date it was recorded as meeting at Little Gransden Rectory and it was now an Open Troop.  It ad 2 Officers and 17 Scouts

  • SM R G Malden     Little Gransden Rectory, also The Oratory House, Lady Margaret Rd Cambridge (of Trinity College) and 1923 at Ely Theological College      (Resigns Feb 1923)
  • ASM SM    W Bull            
  • ASM           A Hughes

The Troop failed to register in October 1924 but was listed in 1926 Gazette with Brown and Red scarf under W Bull.

JWR Archivist Jan 2023