9th Cambridge District

Cambridge District Scout Archive

*** Older Notes: See Outline for latest review***

1912 1st Newmarket 1st Newmarket also listed as 16th, possibly in error in 1911, and as 6th at the same 1912 event, and remained as 6th until move to Newmarket District in 1916. The listing as 9th is also out of sequence being a recording earlier than the earliest known 8th.

Printed reports are taken from hand written originals – and from experience some of these are ambiguous.

1912 Linton Last mention 1915 (Note Pack listed from 1923 and linked with Linton when 5th District)

1920 Bartlow

1924 Bassingbourne Last mention 1925/26 The numbers below have all been recorded but give no clear history. Troops failing to register yearly were sometimes re registered with a different number. Changes in registration details such as sponsorship also generated a new number.

  • 12418 Troop number (pre ’28) closed c ‘34
  • 13619 Troop number (pre ’28) closed c 1934 
  • 14697  Troop number (pre ’28) closed c ‘36

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