62nd Cambridge: Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

  • 62nd Cambridge (Grantchester)                                 15889

This is the only known use of the 62nd Cambridge but one of the many incarnations of Grantchester Scouting.

In the list of January 1934 they had 14 Scouts.

In 1935, the first year in which they moved to the new West Cambridgeshire District they had 16 Scouts.  Census numbers are lost to Cambridge District after this date.

  • M C Burkitt                 SM 
  • C Reed                        ASM     Christ’s College

Like all the Groups in the new district they dropped the old Xth Cambridge numbers for village name only titles.

  • 1st Grantchester                                  1935                West Cambridgeshire

The Group closed soon after transfer and the district diminished and was eventually reabsorbed into South Cambridgeshire.  A new 1st Grantchester was formed in Cambridge District in 1972.

JWR Archivist Aug 2022