Waterside Meeting Places

Cambridge District Scout Archive

This list is not complete but a starting point for later discoveries.

The Troops that listed as Sea Scouts fall into two sets, the Schools and the Town. The 5th and 60th were School based; the 1st, 12th, 29th – 29th/42nd and 25th the longest of the town groups. See Sea Scouts in Cambridge for all the groups listed.

12th CambridgeBehind Portland Arms Chesterton Road1955 – 198_
Banham’s Boat Yard1922
Cambridge Scouts’ Boat ClubQueens’ College Boat Club (loan of equipment)1923
King s College Boat Club (demolished for Elizabeth Way)1960’s – late 60’s
Banham Middle Yarduntil 1971
Banham Upper Yard (courtesy of Pye)1971 – 1975
26thScudamores Boat Yard 1938
51st (later Whittlesford)?
60th Banhams Boat Yard working with 1st and 12th1947 –
1st CambridgePococks Boat Yard1913
32 Banham Moat Yard, Ferry Path1919
University Boat House, Ferry Road1971
32 Cam Road Yard1937

6/6/1913 Cambridge Sea Scouts opened their new Headquarters at Pocock’s boat yard. It consists of two capital rooms like cabins on board ship one fitted up as a workshop, the other containing various games. They also launched their new boat, named the Albert, built of pine and elm with six oars and a mast, capable of carrying 10 boys. Cambridge Independent Press

Pocock’s became Banham’s c 1927. Banham had several sites and the dates and locations are not always clear.

JWR Archivist Oct 2020

Banham’s Middle 1926
Banham’s Lower 1926 Now Elizabeth Way Bridge
Pocock’s 1906 By Victoria Bridge
Banham’s Upper 1926 By Victoria Bridge