Waterside Meeting Places

Cambridge District Scout Archive

This list is not complete but a starting point for later discoveries.

The Troops that listed as Sea Scouts fall into two sets, the Schools and the Town. The 5th and 60th were School based; the 1st, 12th, 29th – 29th/42nd and 25th the longest of the town groups. See Sea Scouts in Cambridge for all the groups listed.

12th CambridgeBehind Portland Arms Chesterton Road1955 – 198_
Banham’s Boat Yard1922
Cambridge Scouts’ Boat ClubQueens’ College Boat Club (loan of equipment)1923
King s College Boat Club (demolished for Elizabeth Way)1960’s – late 60’s
Banham Middle Yarduntil 1971
Banham Upper Yard (courtesy of Pye)1971 – 1975
51st (later Whittlesford)?
1st CambridgePococks Boat Yard1913
32 Banham Moat Yard, Ferry Path1919
University Boat House, Ferry Road1971
32 Cam Road Yard1937

Pocock’s became Banham’s c 1927. Banham had several sites and the dates and locations are not always clear.

JWR Archivist Oct 2020