Baden Powell Cambridge 1908

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1908       Lieut.-General R.S. Baden-Powell, the famous defender of Mafeking, propounded his ‘fad’ – peace scouting for boys as a means of instruction in good citizenship – before a large audience at the Perse School Hall. The Vice Chancellor gave apologies from the Bishop of Ely and various college Masters, all of whom were most heartily in sympathy with the objects of the meeting.  08 02 22

1908       Following Lieut.-General Baden-Powell’s recent visit, a meeting was held to consider forming a branch of the scheme of boy-scouts, perhaps as a development of the present Boys’ Brigade. But Capt Norton-Fagge thought there were a large number of boys not eligible for the Boys’ or Church Lads’ Brigades who would be just the lads for this scheme. A number of men might take three boys each and teach them a few of the elementary principles.  08 03 06c

1908       In the St Matthew’s area of Cambridge are many public houses and the poverty of small homes threw the young people into the streets in search of amusement. There were thirteen different buildings in which social evenings and gymnastic clubs were continually held throughout the week., but some young men find infinitely more pleasure in racing through the streets and hooliganism. A boys’ club at the Barnwell Theatre Mission or the Coffee Tavern on Newmarket Road would be worth trying.   08 03 12b & c

All quotes from Mike Petty

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