N Pack: 1st Linton

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1921 – 1926

Returning census numbers between 1922 and 1926 the Pack was signed December 1921 and registered at IHQ in January 1922 with number 4797.

  • Miss Felicia G L Purkis                        CM Warranted 1922
  • E H Whiffin                                          ACM

They listed 23 in the pack in 1921 at registration, which suggests it was active ahead of formal registration.  By 1926 the pack was part of the 5th Cambridge District (Linton) Troop and in existence as part of Linton when it moved into South Cambridgeshire at the division of the large Cambridge District in 1935.

The pack headquarters was Balsham Road Linton.  Miss Purkis lived at Barham Hall, Linton.

There is no evidence of a 2nd Linton

JWR Archivist July 2022