The Early Warrant List

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The List

The following list of Cambridge District Warrant holders between the years 1909 and 1914   are from the Gilwell Archives. 

The list is in sets by date and alphabetically within those sets. The years run across individual file cards

They do not appear to be complete in that many other names of people regularly active in the district are recorded in local records.  They are certainly not complete in terms of active workers on the ground awaiting warrants or working in peripheral roles.  A significant amount of support across troops is not listed and most are not linked to a particular troop.

It is not known why the list is incomplete.  The local timing of assessment before or after involvement is not clear.  Some cards are numbered but we do know some were lost or the compilation incomplete.

The Uses of the List

The index is very useful  for linking to other work of reference, in particular the locally very useful ‘Cambridge University War List’, which gives further details of most of those who were or had been at the University and fought in the Great War.  Whilst limited it can add or confirm a piece of information that points more strongly towards one person or another.

The Limitations of the List

The list does not give first names, which is not such a problem when searching those with three initials or a double barrel, but does not help to distinguish H Halls.

Local addresses are very useful when identifying students, if they are in halls, but the lack of home addresses makes linking with other sources difficult.  A student address and a ‘March’ troop brings lack of certainty – why are they listed with Cambridge, do they travel to March (a fair distance), is this an error by address or yet another name with no identified local troop.

152 listed Warrants, some names appearing twice.

The listed Troops were 1st (3 individuals), 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th (3), 7th, 8th (2), 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th and 1st Cambridge District . This observation is not very useful in that most were presumably attached to a Troop and a few to a District role. 

106 of the 152 were resident in Cambridge

  • 106      Cambridge
  • 11        Wisbech
  • 11        Ely
  • 7          Newmarket
  • 3          Balsham         
  • 3          Histon             
  • 2          Sawston

33 were College addresses, but some other students were not in recognizable student accommodation.

A -H 1909
Allpress 1st Cambridge
Balls (no initials) 1st Cambridge
Blandford Francis George 1st Cambridge 6th Cambridge CU Educationalist
Fagge F W L NortonCaptain died WW1 Teacher
Fenton G FSoham Headmaster
H – W 1909
Duncan-JonesFirst Chair and a Vice PresidentRev
Muncey (Edward Howard Parker) 1st Cambridge (poss)CU Later Rev Teacher
Symondsdied WW1 CU
Walkerdied WW1 CU
Whitelater Rev CU
Wilkinson CU
Wood5th Cambridge CU

Card Y 1909 – B 1910 is possibly missing or there are no names between Y and B for this date. This possible gap sits between the reverse of Card 1 and the front of Card 2 and there is no mechanical break in the sequence.

C – K 1910
CrickLater Rev CU
Crump2nd Cambridge9th CambridgeCU
Curzon1st Cambridge
Ferguson5th CambridgeCU
Hine LSE ASM and member of Exec. Repeat
Kingdon F W P4th Cambridge
L – S 1910
Leighton JWlater Rev CU
Mallett F J CU
Mallett Howard R10th Cambridge CU
Ollard (John William Arthur) Repeat CU Lt Col (WW2)
Padget W HCU
Pepper G E6th Cambridge
S – W 1910 A – C 1911
Smith CU
Spiller7th Cambridge9th Cambridge CU
White C
Wright R W1st Cambridge CU Died pre WW1
Bruce1st Wisbech
Copplestone W R J6thRepeat CU
D – L 1911
Dunkerley J V6thRepeat CU
Eastwell M M13thCU
Hills C H11th
Hine LSEASM and member of Exec.Repeat
Howell5th CU
L – R 1911
Love1st Cambridge DistrictRev
Masters8th Cambridge
Morrish (later Murrish)12th Cambridge Teacher CU
Ollard (John William Arthur) CU Lt Col (WW2)
Padget CU
Phillips W E G1st Cambridge
Ranner13th Cambridge
R – W 1911 A – B 1912
Robinson8th Cambridge
Staveley2nd Cambridgelater Rev
Wright R W 9th CambridgeDSM CU Died pre WW1
Bonnett1st Cambridge
Brandranlater Rev CU
C – D 1912
Carter15th Cambridge
Cole11thCambridge CU
Coombes1st Cambridge
Copplestone6th Cambridge Repeat CU
Crafter8thCambridge Rev
Culling (mis entered ELB Cutting see below)17th Cambridge
Davidson (Francis Reginald Clear) 10th Cambridge CU RFC
Dunkerley6th Cambridge Repeat CU
Duthie CU
E – O 1912
Edge14th Cambridge (1920) CU
Ellis14th Cambridge
Hake15th Cambridge Dir. Nat Portrait Gallery CU
Hall CU
Hutchinson K G
Impey7th CD Cambridge Association
Kerridge12th Instructor CU
Malden15th Cambridge Rev CU
P – S 1912
PetchCambridge Association
Resker Rev CU
Riddell DSMCU
Robinson5th Cambridge
Scott15th Cambridge CU
Simms5th CambridgeCU
Staveley2nd Cambridge Rev
Stearnlater Rev
A – D 1913
CrippsRev CU + St Phillips &13th?
Cutting17th Cambridge 17th Died WW1
Davidson (Francis Reginald Clear)10th Cambridge CU RFC
Davies3rd Cambridge CU
D – J 1913
Duchemin (Charles)17th Later Rt Rev Monseigneur CU
Ellis14th Cambridge CU
Farbrother (Alfred Steele)Rev
Gray CU
Haley Instructor
Jagenberg Leonard HubertInstructordied WW1 CU
James11th Cambridge CU
J _ M 1913
King Instructor
Low11th Cambridge CU
Luscombe3rd Cambridge later Rev CU
MacFarlene Grieve5th CambridgeTeacher
MarriottRev CU
MortonDSM 1914/15 died WW1
N – W 1913
Nott13th Cambridgedied WW1 CU
Redwood5th Cambridgelater Rev CU
Shawdied WW1 CU
StrachanRev Professor
Y 1913 A – B 1914
Young Instructor Miss
Arrowsmith24th Cambridge (1920)Rev
Bywaterlater Rev
C – D 1914P
Fergusondied WW1 CU
Nicholls CU
P – Y 1914
Savile5th Cambridgedied WW1 CU
Thurmott (Harold John)born in Cambridge

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