60th Cambridge

Cambridge District Scout Archive

It is clear from Leys School archives that the Scout Troop was started in September 1933. They had built their own Scout HQ by 1934 which was opened by Lord Hampton. The District records do not house details of the first registration.

1936 Junior Troop officially started. The 60th Cambridge (Leys) only permitted boys over the age of to join for the first three years. In 1936, still a year before registering with District, they opened a junior patrol. The two parts were known as Junior and Senior, split for some activities but were often united.

They held a 15th anniversary in 1948 and a Scout Jubilee on the 27th June 1958, 25 years after formation, 21 years after registration. It is not clear from the small clipping seen which of these they were celebrating.

In 1952 only the Blue scarf is recorded.

Note: The Leysian Mission was built in the City of London by Old Boys of the school. A huge building capable of feeding 12000 a day was very active until the post WW2 Welfare state. The enterprise had a Boys Brigade but as yet no associated Scout Troop has been identified. Whilst it maintained links to the school it was a separate institution. No suggestion of the 60th working with any London Troops has been located.

The architect of the Leysian Mission produced plans for a gallery in the Scout Headquarters in Grafton Street, dated ahead of the purchase in Nov 1926. It does not appear to have been built.

JWR Archivist Mar 2019