Expectations and Behaviour

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The expectations concerning the behaviour of Scouts and Scouters is governed by the Scout law and promise. It is difficult to draw conclusions from a lack of positive reports; a list of negative reports paints an inappropriate picture of failure.

Similarly it is difficult to judge Scout behaviour by the expectations of those outside Scouting. Less than a week from the point of writing this I was meeting a group of Scouts coming down from the hills and walking with them for half a mile. One retired couple stopped and talked readily to the Patrol, anticipating and receiving a polite and intelligent response. Within five minutes another couple passed us and I received the response ‘Good luck with that lot.’ This was generated by no more than their youth. The Patrol was young but sensible and neither outlandish in dress or behaviour.

The following pages are reflections of the way in which such incidents are or were occasionally recorded. They reflect the decades; it is very unlikely that they reflect the totality or the reality. Most poor behaviour is managed ‘in house’ and not recorded. All active leaders know who within their pack, troop or unit is yet to master themselves and the scout laws.