2nd Cambridge District

Cambridge District Scout Archive

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1910 1st Ely to 1910

1911 2nd Newmarket to 1912

1912 Whittlesford & Sawston to 1915

1918 Whittlesford Restarted after the Great War

1920 Sawston

Numbers were generally re issued to restarted or new Troops in the same area as the was number previously associated.

1923 Longstowe Formed 2/23 existed until 1928. No history of becoming a ‘Group’ or of moving to one of the new Districts in 1934/35 split.

Longstowe Wolf Cub Pack registered 1923 to Oct 1924 (from Annual Report of 1925). Longstowe was listed until 1928 but no record of a move to a Group number or to a new District in 1935.

JWR Archivist Mar 2019