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Cambridge District Scout Archive

Forward is Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club annual incident hike for Scouts and Guides.  It takes the form of a 10 mile hike with five checkpoints spaced around the route where challenges allow teams to earn points.  Two trophies are available to be won; one for Scout Association teams and one for Girl Guiding UK teams. 

                        Scout winners                                                  Teams + Guide teams

  • 2010                Whittlesford & Duxford                        23 Scouts, 31 total
  • 2011                28th Cambridge                                       20 Scouts, 33 total
  • 2012                1st Swaffham Prior                                  22 Scouts, 29 total
  • 2013                28th Cambridge                                       24 Scouts, 28 total
  • 2014                1st Swaffham Prior                                  26 Scouts, 33 total
  • 2015                29th Cambridge
  • 2016                28th Cambridge                                        23 Scouts, 31 total
  • 2017                28th Cambridge                                        28 Scouts, 36 total
  • 2018                                        cancelled –very bad weather
  • 2019 12th Cambridge A 39 total

A full list of winners to 1982 exists but it is at odds with the published records on the CUSAGC web page and on the shield and is not reproduced here. 

The CUSAGC Marathon event is a matching event for Explorers and Adult teams.  CUSAGC arranged night hikes and incident hikes prior to this event for Venture Scout Units in the 1970’s.


JWR Archivist Feb 2019