Cambridge District Scout Archive

The list has been taken from many sources.  Some are formal annual returns others records of attendance at meetings.  This second source, in particular, appears prone to error confusing ADC roles and DC/DCM/DRSL roles.

See also ADC roles

  • Vac      =          where specifically noted on a formal return
  • –           =          no return on an existing document
  •             =          no records     
 District Scout MasterDistrict Cub MasterDistrict Rover Scout LeaderDSM/ Senior Scouts
1921LR Missen  
1922C J WalkerC L de Beaumont  
1923C J Walker   
1924C J WalkerW B Gourlay  
1925C J Walker  
1926H V NunnW B Gourlay  
1927H V NunnW B Gourlay  
1928H V NunnW B Gourlay  
1929H V NunnW B Gourlay  
1930H V NunnW B Gourlay  
1931H V NunnW B GourlayW Mackrow 
1932F FearyA J CovellW T Thurbon 
1933C W LewisA J CovellW Mackrow 
1934J W PalmerI G Long 
1935J W PalmerI G LongW Mackrow 
1936R H CookI G Long 
1937R H CookI G LongW T Thurbon 
1938G BraithwaiteI G LongW T Thurbon 
1943F P EllwoodI G LongW T Thurbon 
1944F P EllwoodI G LongW T Thurbon 
1945F P EllwoodI G LongW T Thurbon 
1945F P EllwoodI G LongW T Thurbon 
1946F P EllwoodI G LongW T Thurbon 
1947F P EllwoodI G LongW T Thurbon 
1948F P EllwoodI G Long 
1949G G PingI G Long 
1950G G PingI Cann 
1951vacI Cann 
1952KeatingI Cann 
1953FAJ MackenzieF E Isaacson 
1954FAJ MackenzieF E IsaacsonMHMacFarlane
1955vacA W Ridervacvac
1956H G CannA W Ridervacvac
1958vacR A Baileyvacvac
1959VacR A Beilby
1960FJN WoolfendenR A BeilbyvacHarper
1961FJN WoolfendenR A BeilbyvacRE Harper
1962FJN WoolfendenR A Beilbyvac
1964A J BanhamKJH Keating
1965A J BanhamKJH Keating
1966A J BanhamKJH Keating
1967 A J BanhamKJH Keating
1968Capt R W JacksonA J BanhamKJH Keating
1969FJN WoolfendenA J Banham  

JWR Archivist Jan 2020