Cambridge District Scout Archive

The following pages cover individual Sections but the lines of demarcation and flow between Sections is often blurred.

Mixes could occur within Sections. Troops often ran an Air Patrol, a Sea Patrol and a Scout (occasionally Land) Patrol alongside each other. Similarly some level of Junior/ Senior Troops were often created on a temporary or permanent basis, usually in response to local development or need.

Mixes between Sections were equally readily entered into as numbers of Scouts or leaders dictated.

During both World Wars sections worked alongside other organisations and abided by the joint working practices, or failed to meet an agreement whereby Scouts retained an element of their autonomy and did not enter into an agreement, as with the proposed Scout Section within the Air Cadets.

Read the following entries with an eye to what may have been realistic practice rather than the stand alone presentation.

JWR Archivist June 2021