8th Cambridge

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Scarf described in 1968 as Light blue with white stripe. The scarf has been noted as ‘light blue’ in around 1967.

First reported in Parish magazine in November 1909, coming into existence in the previous few weeks. The received their colours in May 1911. The Wolf Cubs ‘have at last been reorganized‘ November 1914 Parish magazine. The Scout Troop is recorded throughout the several changes in name without comment until at least 1943.

The leadership struggled during WW1 and C T Wood of Queens’ supported them from 1916. The re registrations and changes of name do not appear to alter the relationship with All Saints whose Parish Magazine regards them as ‘the troop’.


The St Andrews (Chesterton) and St George Parish magazine record the 54th St George was struggling for leaders and ‘at present the few who remain in the troop are meeting in with the Harvey Goodwin Troop at their HQ’. The appeal for SM’s having failed it was announced later that year the=at the 8th would join the 54th an dbe known as the 54th.

  • J Palmer GSM
  • A Eades SM
  • Mr. Boast ASM

By 1937 Mr Palmer was running the 54th troop and the Cubs were under the care first of Mr. Bone and later of Miss Gawthorp. This archive source including St George’s and the 54th only runs from 1 Jan 1936 and ends in December 1937.


Hills Road Methodist Church (sold 1972) returned census numbers from 1953 and was deemed closed in 1961.

  • Cubs 1953 – 1961
  • Scouts 1954 – 1955

The CM and ACM were living at the same address Mr. R Metcalfe and Joan Metcalfe.


Only a pack was running in 1964 & ’68. 1966 Tony Claydon started as ACSM, his first appointment, when they met in the Church that was to become Romsey Mill.

Donald Beard was ACM 8th Cambridge from 1964 and CM from 1966, later CSL when his warrant was exchanged in 1969.

JWR Archivist Mar 2019