‘Who is your Latinist?’

The latest page is a delightfully ‘Cambridge’ piece but I am not sure where to place it within the existing menus. A observation about the interpretation of Lord Somes motto is not, perhaps, gripping to ‘the artisan types’, to borrow Rex Hazelwoods phrase.

If Profesor Duff comes across as having an irrelevant focus on this corner of academia it will be seen that it was his concern for the appropriateness of the motto in relation to the Chief Scout that lead to his particular concern. He was a long term and very able servant of Scouting and had an, unspecified, adventurous youth.

I have placed the piece under People/ Individuals/ in the place where a page on Patrick Duff will eventually sit. It is unfortunate that this life long Scouter has so little written about him and I am struggling to unpick his past.


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