Cambridge Scout Boat Club: Names

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These sample records of crews are selected from those available between 1924 and 1957.  No race cards have yet been unearthed beyond this date.  They are largely from the Scouts’ I boat and represent those who raced in the Town Bumps on the day indicated of the four raced.

They include the first and second year of racing 1923, 1924, the Head of the River winners in 1931, 1939 and 1947, and a selection of teams from the 1950’s.

1923 Scouts’ 1 1923 Scouts’ 2 1924    Day 2 1930 Scouts I
Bow S A EllwoodBarlow J E Kingland L H Gawthorpe
2 F G ParrR Middleton F G Parr S A V Roper
3 C FaircliffeS Brown F W Feary R H G Eaden
4 G P Piney Woodward R Middleton R Middleton
5 C De BeaumontHuman G C Pinney S A Ellwood
6 G W Ellwood A W Sirett G E Ellwood H A Longley
7 F W FearyCunningham S A Ellwood E C Odam
Stroke G CollinsMansfield A W Sirett A W Sirett
Cox P GemsDawson P German W H Nunn
F B Priest Fitzwilliam HallH Barrett Fitzwilliam Hall H B Playford CUBC

F W Feary, having been invalided out of WW1 with a shattered knee, was able to row for at least two years and was the first captain.

1930 Scouts II 1931  Day 1 1933 Day 4 (I) 1933 Day 4 (II)
Bow     R G W Lawn W N Human H J Gidney F J Robinson
2          L D Roper A W Sirett D Wright J J Long
3          R H Cook R H G Eaden E A January H W Rooke
4          W H D Wolfe H A Longley A W Sirett M C Page
5         W N Human L H Biggs H G Lilley A F Gilbert
6          J F Beasley S A Ellwood S A Ellwood W H Wolfe
7          G C Emmines S A V Roper S A V Roper L D Roper
Stroke  R E Rogerson E C Odam E C Odam J F Bremner
Cox      W H Nunn J G Smith
Coach Lee & Collin    
Coach club Pembroke, THBC    

The crew of Scouts’ II 1924 can be found under ‘Earning their Oars’.   

The crew of Scouts’ II 1933 bumped Scouts’I and ended up one place higher in the final rankings (4th and 5th). They were awarded their colours.

1935        Day 2
Bow F M Tyrell
2 J W Ankin
3 R Eaden
4 D Rogers
5 E C Odam
6 R Dear
7 H J Gidney
StrokeL D Roper
Cox W H Nunn

1939 Scouts Headship Crew bumped Rob Roy to take and hold headship. The crew and their weights are given.

1947 Scouts Headship Crew (Green and Yellow) bumped Rob Roy to take and hold headship.

1937        Day 1 1939        Day 1 1947 1950       Day 1
Bow      H Thaxter H Thaxter 10.2 A S Oliver   J Marshall
2            J Long L W Jaggard 9.13  K Taylor J Peachy
3           R Dear R Dear 11.10  G M W Angel R Ashby
4           L D Roper A G Goddard 11.2  S J Dant J Halsey
5           H J Gidney R D OHare 13.0 G K Sykes K E Hayward
6           D Wright F Hancock 11.1  T C Barker F Hancock
7           F M Tyrell S J Dant 9.13  T C Harker G Angel
Stroke E C Odam J Peachy 9.7  J Peachey H K Unger
Cox      M Cousin M Cousin 8.2  R Cousins M Ludman
Coach P Ll Rhodes   Ian Wilson, A Ling  
Coach club  Selwyn Trin Hall, Col Serv   Clare & CSB

E W Carter (1939 Scouts II) and L W Jaggard (1939) died in WW2, H Thaxter’s sister died in an air raid.

The report in the Cambridge Daily News of 1947 did not give the names of the winning eight. Cambridge Chronicle (weekly) gave very little space to the event.

J Peachy, S J Dant and F Hancock rowed in both before and after the six year break for WW2; in 1939 and in 1950.

A number of names involved were also part of the correspondents in the WW2 Evercircular letters (see pages).   A S Oliver (Snowy) 1939 No 7 and Bow Scouts II, W H Wolfe 1933 Scouts II, E W Carter 1939 Scouts II, Fred Feary 1924 Scouts I and H Thaxter 1937 -9 Scouts I,  were all correspondents.  Other names suggest family links; a different Nunn and German were correspondents in the letters.

1953       Day 1 1954        Day 1 1957        Day 1  
Bow   R Hancock G A Chandler G Rose  
2          P Hignall P Hyde H J Smart  
3          J Herm R Brown J Harris  
4          R Ashby O Patman G A Dean  
5          R Brown G Pratt W P James  
6          K Taylor B Moore R Ashby  
7          B Moore R Stenning R Brown  
Stroke J Culhane D Burch D Burch  
Cox      P Wright P Wright D R Burch  
Coach Lister/Pearson Bunn & Odams S A Ellwood +  
BowM Morgan
2N Wilson
3G Gardiner
4D Nye
5A Gardiner
6C Dott
7S Fairburn
StrokeN Garrett
CoxM Good

1973 No. 6 Scouts’ 2 Bill Key, later President Scouts’ Boat Club.

In 2020 Donald Halls recalled rowing until 1950. At that time they rowed from King’s Boat House, right next door to Banham’s. Rob Davenport believes that his uncle, A Mynott, also rowed with the club.

JWR Archivist Nov 2019