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The following names have been forwarded to Gilwell for inclusion on the Rolls of Honour for WW1 and 1939 -1945 (Gilwell nomenclature)

The Great War

Of the following seven names new to the Scouting roll of honour five have taken from the Early Warrants list in Gilwell Archives and identified as being at Cambridge University.  Two others come from contemporary records and have been identified through the same list.  

The connection with Cambridge is purely through the University and the home addresses are not given here.  The Cambridge University War List is the single most useful source of information giving a very full list of members of the University who fought in the war. It includes members who were also active in Scouting but had moved away before the war, such as Norton Fagge who had moved to India in c 1912.

Captain            Frederick Walter Langford Grantly Norton Fagge     SM and Sec. of LA. 

Nov 18th 1916              Indian Army Reserve of Officers                    Buried Basra

Captain            Hugh Mortimer Ferguson     5th Cambridge SM

11/06/1917     9th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment            Buried Railway Dugouts Burial Ground

Lieutenant       G K Savile                               5th Cambridge ASM

20/6/1915       Gloucestershire Regiment

Lieutenant       Arthur Frederick Gray                       Cambridgeshire Regiment

Arthur Frederick Gray was the sixth son of Arthur Gray, Master of Jesus from 1912. He had graduated from Magdalene.  This explains the discrepancy between the named College on the Warrant record (Jesus) and College of War Service record (Magdalene). 

26th August 1918

Lieutenant       Henry Paton Nott      SM 13th Cambridge (later Notts’ Own for both brothers)

27/4/1916       6th Gloucestershire Regiment

 ‘I know that the Nott brothers who were running the 13th troop were in camp at Clayhithe when they were called up as officers. Both were killed in action, they left a legacy of £200 to the troop, a large sum in those days. About 1916 the troop took the title “The Nott’s Own”; at this time many troops had similar titles but I think the 13th is the only one to still retain this after 60 years’

(Written c 1978)

Not listed in Early Warrants

Captain            Louis Cameron Nott              SM 13th Cambridge     (See above)

18/4/1917       6th Gloucestershire Regiment

(Louis died alongside a third brother in a mine explosion at the Somme)

Captain Arthur Derrick Hamer

Died 06/11/1918         Northern Cyclist Battalion

Our second Camp there in 1914 was with S-M. A. D. HAMER of Queens’ (killed in the War, a week before the Armistice); The Camp ended only three days before war was declared.       C. T. WOOD.


Some of the following have not yet been verified. They await forwarding to Gilwell

GCA Nelder ASM 8th Cambridge Died Gallipoli (Scout News, Cambridge Journal November 1915). Gordon Clarke Aldridge Nelder was a teacher at the Higher Grade School and is also reported as helping SM Copplestone with the 6th Cambridge (Mayor’s Own) based at the school. He was ‘the first of the Scouts to volunteer for the army’ according to Rosemary Gardiner in An Epoch making school. This probably refers to the Troop not the District. Second Lt. 2nd Bat Hampshire Regiment, he had attended Christs College. The 8th quoted above may be a newspaper reporting error.

** He is now identified as a Scout, being listed in Early Warrants list as ASM from 7/9/1914

G Wheaton 2th Cambridge District Bottisham Killed (Scout News, Cambridge Journal April 2nd 1915)

W Shaw ASM 12/11/1913 from Early Warrants list. Connection not proven with University War list W SHaw who died 27/9/1916 as a POW of wounds. Lt in Cambridgeshire Reg.

E B Walker 18/4/15 War List and Early Warrants with a March Troop. Dorset Reg and Queens Own From Rectory March, Cambs. At Emmanuel College, Camb 1907. SM 1909

J H Jagenberg  Leonard Hubert Jagenberg was a member of the Royal German Navy Flying Corps and was killed in training 7th October 1914.  He is listed as an Instructor in the Early Warrants.

T A Airey Thomas Arthur Airey Christ College and ASM of Little St Mary troop in 1914. Died 1/7/1916 Killed in Action.

Drummer Benjamin Robert Thompson 13th Cambridge MM Ist intake into Troop. Died August 1916 of wounds sustained in Le Boisselle (The Somme) in July 1916.

World War 2

Of the following, five names were taken from the Cambridge list compiled for the HQ post war collection of War service details.  I do not know if this was the final list submitted to IHQ.  Some of the names on the list are included in the rolls of honour. 

Further names are added as located, under New Names (below)

The following are all new to the Scouting roll of honour.

The first lines are from the 1946 District records the second from Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  I have only linked those where the CWGC lists the serviceman as having lived in Cambridge.  Others of the correct name but no recorded link have been excluded.

From post war list of war service

Terry Casbolt             9th Cambridge             RAF      20/11/1942

76 Sqd RAFVR             1467115          20/11/42         Milan War Cemetery  Son of CV ad EC Casbolt Cambridge

Douglas Brown          12th Cambridge                       RAF      16/3/1945       Wireless operator whose Lancaster crashed shortly after take off from Skegness.

44Sqd RAFVR               1874886          16/3/1945       Runnymede Memorial            Cambridge

Charles James Sewell 26th Cambridge                       RFA (Royal Field Artillery)      17/3/1944

8th Medium Reg. RA    974588                        17/3/1944                   Fen Ditton (Cambs)

Godfrey Dunn                        64th Cambridge Perse student Ambushed whilst seeing a new gun position

179 Field A                  1126852          9/4/1945         Nordrhein Westfalen war cemetery (Godfrey Hugh Dunn)            Cambridge

Ronald Wallis             23rd Cambridge                       Jan 1942          Army

332 Battery Lt AA Reg RA       6094674          26/12/1942     son of Gertrude Wallis Camb.

The following is the list of Cambridge Scouts/ Scouters not on the Roll of Honour, as compiled in 1946. Those above that I have been able to verify are ticked. Chessum is described as being ‘on war service.’  The others I have not been able to confirm.

Chessum       9th
Casbolt T   RAF 12th
Brown Douglas   RAF 12th
Brown  William     Army 9th
Culpin R   RAF 23rd
Summerfield R √     RAC 23rd
Sewell C J   RFA 26th
Dunn G     64th
Wallis R   Army 23rd
Carter E W   RAF 23rd
Bremner     RAF 9th
Not on original list
Clow Malcolm Joseph RN 41st
Samuel Wilfred Whitley Army28th

See also Evercircular /Casualties for those of the 23rd Cambridge

New names

The first has been identified as an ex Wolf Cub in Group records.  I do not recall Wolf Cubs being listed.  The Group had no Troop and the Lady CM was also the local teacher and likely Sam’s teacher. It is very likely her writing on the Group records (below).

Private Samuel Wilfred Whitley

 5933027         1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment         Died whilst a prisoner of war of ‘cardiac beriberi’ in 1945.    He is buried in Yokohama War Cemetery.  Born in 1921 he was 24 when he died.

His brother, also captured in Singapore, survived the war.

Malcolm Joseph Clow 41st Cambridge Pembroke College Choir Awarded Albert Medal (see Individuals)

JWR Archivist Apr 2019