45th Cambridge (Landbeach): Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Landbeach is the only Group to use the name and number 45th Cambridge.  As a village it is not recorded as having an existence as a Cambridge District troop, an earlier format for Groups outside the town boundaries.

45th Cambridge (Landbeach)                        1931 – 1934

It was registered 20th March 1931 with the IHQ number 12735.  The named leaders were

  • Mrs Winifred M Denham       CM
  • Miss I Beeton                          ACM
  • Miss E Beeton                        ACM

An ‘Open’ Group it recorded 3 officers and 12 Cubs on opening.

Census returns were given for a pack in the years 1931 – 1934.  Scouts are mentioned in September 1933 but no figures given. 

Landbeach                                          1934 – 1944

 In 1935 it moved into a new District, initially named North Cambs, then East Cambs. and finally Mid Cambridgeshire.  At this date records are lost to Cambridge District.

As occurred across all Groups in the new District the naming format changed and 45th (Cambridge) Landbeach Scout Group became Landbeach Scout Group.

45th Cambridge (Landbeach)                        1945 – 1949

Mid Cambs struggled to retain its identity during the war and was re absorbed into Cambridge District in 1945.   Landbeach regained its old number, not all did.

No Census returns are recorded for this period and the pack is recorded as closed in 1949.  It was sufficiently active to be considered re absorbed in 1945 (those who transferred out in 1935 were not automatically assumed to still exist) and it is not clear that the groups temporary re-absorbed were recorded in the core Cambridge Census returns, though 1948 returns are clearly recorded.

It gains a passing mention in 1947 and was clearly working with Milton in 1948.  The pack is recorded as closed in 1949, probably a late formal notification.

50th Cambridge (Milton and Landbeach)                1948 –

50th Cambridge (Milton and Landbeach) was opened in October 1948.  The Landbeach pack, which suggests no troop, was involved in the 40th anniversary of Scouting with Milton Group ahead of the formal start of the 50th

JWR Archivist July 2022