Grafton Street Plans

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1926 – 1965

The Headquarters building sat between Paradise Street and Grafton Street.

Plan completed in conjunction with proposed sale

The cellars were proposed for use as air raid shelters in WW2. The passage connecting the two buildings is the crosshatched section on the right/ east of the building

Ground floor and position between Grafton Street and Paradise street.
Cellars under

The original equipment store was half way up the stairs in the old shooting gallery. Neither is entirely evident from this plan but the Equipment store later moved to the top of the stairs

First floor

The only caretaker known is Mr. Flack. The house is labelled ‘Caretakers house’ and it is to be assumed he lived here. It has an outside toilet but no identified bathroom.

Caretakers House

JWR Archivist Feb 2019