MACAW 2000

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Held in celebration of the Millenium this was held at East of England Showground, a site used every four years for CAMJAM until the flooding of 2002.

MACAW 2000 This was a county Cub Camp held over a weekend at the EESG there were around 2000 Cubs. This was very much a turn up and help keep thing running as most of the infrastructure was already sorted. Mark & I were on support. Craig and Margaret were with their own pack. Two things stand out from the weekend. In one of the cattle sheds around 50 Cubs were making wooden stools hammering nails into the wood the sound was unbelievable. While their Mark saw his boss, who was helping with his sons Cub pack. His boss could not believe that Mark was there in a more responsible position than him.

One evening I was walking past one of the toilet blocks, I noticed a rather distraught Cub. Asking what the problem was he said I cannot remember were my camp is. I thought no problem all camper should have a name badge on. No, he had left it in his tent. O.K. what is your leaders name “Akela” came the response. That did not help, next which pack are you with, that got an answer that I could get on the radio and find out where they were camping.       

Tony Claydon 2020 (Mark and Craig Claydon – sons of Tony, and Margaret, all four Scouters)

JWR ARchivist July 2020