Evercircular: Names

Cambridge District Scout Archive

This pages lists all the people named in the Evercircular letters.   



  • W T Thurbon               Bill                   Failed medical Protected role at St John’s
  • K P G North                 Ken                  Pte. Royal Army Pay Corps
  • T Craske                      Tom                 Tank transport ME
  • F W Feary                    Fred                 (Skipper)(SM)(GSM) Seriously injured WW1
  • W H Miller      Dusty   (Walter)          Gnr. Lt AA Regt RA      later 1st Army
  • A J Covell                     John                 Peripatetic Acting Headmaster (ex CM)
  • T C Germany               Tom                 Working in local factories munitions and aircraft
  • R F Thompson             Roland             Invalided out of Sherwood Foresters
  • A M Thompson            Mervyn            Army Signaller later RAF Observer –
  • AWN Tribe                  Padre               RAF Chaplin


  • W T Thurbon               Bill                  
  • F Feary                                    Fred         (Skipper)(SM)(GSM) Seriously injured WW1
  • W H D Wolfe               William           Signaller?
  • E W Carter                  Bill                   L/Bd
  • L Chapman                  Les
  • A E Samson Esq           Arthur              Reserved Occupation in Liverpool
  • R A Wallis                     Ron(ald Arthur)           Fusilier
  • B F Moss                      Basil                Cambridge
  • A Oliver                       Arthur (Snowy)            Signaller RAF, AC2 late Sudan


  • S J Phillip                       Stan                 Failed medical for Active service
  • A J Covell                     John                 Peripatetic Acting Headmaster


  • Howard Mallett          DC                  
  • Sidney Odell                (Bish)               Royal Army Chaplains Dept

New patrol (suggested name Crete possibly called Cats)   No letters remain

  • W T Thurbon               Bill                  
  • F W Feary                    Fred    
  • A J Covell                     John                 Peripatetic Acting Headmaster
  • H Thaxter                    Harold
  • J Fenn                          Jack                 now a corporal
  • E J Gillingham             Edgar   (Eddy)  if so a RAF driver

‘Brains Trust’ trio who wrote in all three Evercirculars after the re arrangement

  • W T Thurbon               Bill                   Reserved Occupation
  • F Feary                          Fred                 Serious injured WW1
  • A J Covell                     John                 Peripatetic Acting Headmaster

Non participants, mentioned in one or both Evercirculars

  • Cecil                            Suez Canal – later Commissioned
  • Doug Clark                  Aden
  • Jack Pearce                 Cairo
  • Ken Medcalfe              HMT Hortensia           Minesweeper Lowestoft SM 11th pre war
  • Ted Russell                  Egypt
  • Kath Thaxter               killed whilst Fire Watching
  • George Braithwaite   
  • Hans                            ) three
  • Henry                          ) refugees who became members of the Crew and were
  • Ernest                          ) initially interned but later worked in the Pioneer Corps    
  • George Nunn
  • Miss Long
  • Frank Gigney               Giggs or Giggo                        died in an air accident
  • Harold Pettit
  • Frank Pettit
  • Clifford Sims               (of Christs) helping with the Group
  • Don Oakman               Royal Army Pay Corp in Leicester
  • Bert White
  • Mr Flack                      Caretaker at Grafton Street HQ
  • Bert White (Bill?)        Sometimes in Russia
  • Jack Russell                 Egypt
  • Doug Chappell Intelligence Corps Oxford
  • Dirk Dunn (as read)  Mine sweeping Lowestoft (probably Dick or Dickie)
  • Eric Orris
  • Ron Bailey
  • Jack Cousins
  • Ken Bell                       Bomb Disposal Squad stationed at Cambridge
  • Rev Food?                    New Vicar at St Matthews Church
  • Ken or Len Sagger       At BP Memorial service
  • Edgar Tilly/ Lilly          At BP Memorial service
  • Reg Smith                    At BP Memorial service
  • Alec Whitby                 29th
  • Edgar
  • Jimmie Leonard          RA
  • Terry Chapman           in the navy, going for signals
  • Harold Thaxter
  • Charlie (or Percy) Doughty     Twins – Charlie in Naval signals
  • Rons brother   Jack Wallis      in Scotland after several small excursions
  • McKenzie                    of the 11th        in the Navy
  • Rev C T Wood             CC ex DC         in relation to final purchase of Grafton Street
  • ‘Ruffingham’               nickname of Prof T G Room mathematician and working for Bletchly Park in Australia

Some dropped out of the letters as they were shipped abroad.  Those joining the Royal or Merchant Navy could not participate.

  • Nobby  Clark                is in Aden
  • Bill Carter                   re-mustered (RAF for posted) abroad
  • Snowy Oliver               re-mustered    AC2
  • Basil Moss                   re-mustered
  • Tom Craske                 off to Kenya

Named in the Dunkirk Patrol EC

  • Dick Lofty of the 11th
  • Ted Russell                  In egypt
  • Jack Fenn                     Now a corporal           Later Sgt and now married
  • Alec Whitby 29th
  • Walter Miller
  • Bill Caster                   Port Elizabeth
  • Skipper Cann               IC WSS
  • Lesley  WTT wife?
  • Gerald and Reggies nephew Neville Rumblelow
  • John Alexander new son of Roland
  • A Edley Willings          Rev.  Ex Crew and new correspondent Sept 1942
  • Michael son of WTT
  • Mackrow
  • Neville Summerfield
  • Tony Loades and son David
  • Dick Whittington         ?
  • Jimmy Wilson  old County Rovers
  • Cpl Cecil Tatham        RAF MEF
  • Gordon Russell            Fleet Air Arm              (another possible radio man)
  • Jack Wallis                  SM and SS leader
  • Jim                               To army possibly RAOC
  • Eric Ayres                    Lt in the Navy ex 23rd
  • Hilda Samson              Sunday School
  • Ron Emmines
  • Gerry Catchpole
  • Eric Pindar-Ayres Naval Officer
  • Jack Gilbert
  • Sid Odom ex Curate St Matthews

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