64th Cambridge: Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

  • 64th Cambridge (St Francis Boys Club)                       1934 – 1937                16547
  • 64th Cambridge (Chesterton)                                      1939 – 1945                20454

64th Cambridge (St Francis Boys Club)                     1934 – 1937                16547

Census returns give

  • Scouts  1934 – 1937
  • Cubs    1935 – 1937

In 1935 it recorded 21 Scouts and 7 Cubs.  The scarf was gold, the Group was ‘Open’

This is possibly the Troop described as being run by SM M J Vine, Probation Officer for some of his charges.  15 Tennis Ct Rd was the back of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, now redeveloped.  Three Scouts of the disbanded 64th were accepted by the 13th in 1938. The Club was a large enough institution to be included in the short list in local Spalding’s Cambridge Directory of 1935 but no independent descriptions of its client base has been located.

Ken describes Maurice Vine as returning a knife taken from the Scout Shop by one of his boys.  No other records remain from this short lived Group.

  • M J Vine          SM
  • B A H Williams            ASM
  • D G Stearn       ASM
  • E R Bindloss     ASM


  • Wilfrid Ormiston Atlee a medical student
  • H W Ould
  • B A H Walker
  • Mrs. H G Cann ACM

  Three Scouts of the disbanded 64th were accepted by the 13th in 1938. Maurice John Vine was also RSL of the 30th Cambridge at this time.

64th Cambridge (Chesterton)                                                1939 – 1945                20454

An ‘Open’ Group with a Royal blue and black scarf.

Census returns give

  • Scouts  1941 – 1945
  • Cubs    1942

 Initially held at the Co-op Rooms in Chesterton it later gave Grafton Street (District HQ) as meeting place.  Rooms were often requisitioned for military purposes during the war. 

District minutes of April 1940 record that it was run jointly with the 25th Cambridge (Victoria Road Congregational Church).  The 25th, oddly, added a strip of Royal Blue to their scarf in 1943 in the midst of rationing which might suggest an amalgamation.

  • D V Miller                   SM                   1943

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