Florence Ellen (Ikey) Isaacson

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Silver Wolf

Lady Cub Master 28th Cambridge 1930 – 1969

Medal of Merit 1943, Silver Acorn 1968 (40 years), Silver Wolf 1977

Florence Ellen (Ikey) was born and lived in Blinco Grove all her life. She attended St John’s Church and taught at Morley Memorial and St Phillips schools.  Ikey was the first Akela at the recently formed 28th Cambridge (St John’s) when the pack started with seven Wolf Cubs in 1930.   She ran the pack and kept records for the next 39 years.  The pack ran from St John’s church rooms and in summer from her garden, both opposite Morley Memorial school.

1962    When Miss I.G. Long was asked to start a Wolf Cub pack she did not know anything about the movement. But armed with the Jungle Book, on which the clubs are based, she formed a pack in the parish of St Barnabas and boys came from as far away as Comberton and Abington. That was in 1930, the same year as the St John’s pack began under the leadership of Miss F.E. Isaacson. Both ladies are still working for the cubs                 Cambridge News16/02/1962            Mike Petty      

‘Ikey’ and ‘Longy’ we often mentioned together as the District Cub stalwarts and were friends. C J Walker started in 1910 and died as District President in 2002, R P (Reg) Ayres was GSL and RL 60th and later Silver Wolf.

At her death the following was published in the Annual report of 2003:

Florence Isaacson 30/10/1907 – 6/12/2002

Florence Isaacson or ‘Ikey’ to most of us epitomised all that BP meant in that yarn (do their best and be prepared for service).  On 3rd February 1930 she started the 28th Cambridge Wolf Cub pack with seven Cubs and remained CSL until her retirement in 1969.  Today her Cubs still have fond memories of those times and also the many committee meetings and jumble sales she attended for years after her ‘retirement’.  She was also well known in her community around Blinco Grove where she lived all her life, not only for her involvement in Scouting but also as a much respected head teacher at Morley Memorial and St Philips schools.  She will be greatly missed in many places but not forgotten.

Isaacson also acting leader of Ranger Guides c 1950’s

In an early Seeonee pack (Cub Leaders Pack) register she signed herself Iki not as is usually spelt Ikki hence ‘Ikey’, that is ‘Eye Key’.

 She sat on the District Executive Committee for several decades and was at times DCM, ADC Cubs and acting Ranger leader.  As with many awarded the Silver Wolf, the bulk of her work for District County and beyond is poorly recorded. She worked in a time when many roles were closed to women. The full depth of her work is probably even more hidden than that of her male contemporaries.

She is pictured, top, at Morley School as a child and in 1990 at the 60th anniversary of the pack.

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