Cub Packs: Pre 1928

Cambridge District Scout Archive

These pages largely concentrate on those individual Packs not attached to a Troop in the period before the Group system; pre 1928.

For a discussion on Wolf Cubs see under Structure: Sections: Wolf Cubs

Relatively little is known of the activities of individual Packs, records from these packs have not come down to us. Some records from the short lived local Cub periodical, the ‘Yelp’ may give more information. Information on Packs attached to Troops can be more readily unpicked.

Unattached Packs were given Letters. Both unattached and attached Packs received an individual IHQ number.

  • Packs in Cambridge (inside the Town boundaries) run from A to L but only letters A to E are known to have been used
  • Packs in Cambridge District (outside the town boundaries) run from M to Z but only letters M to Q are known to have been used

A – L Five of the seven were schools, Miss Young (A), De Freville Prep (C), Chesterton Prep (C), Windermere (D) and Hope (class) (E). Newnham (B) later St Andrews Baptist (B) were not clearly school packs.

Only Windermere remained in place in 1928. Evidence of any packs that became associated with a numbered Troop is lost in the name changes.

M – Z (M not N) These five were all registered in 1923 – 24 and all named after the village, M: Papworth St Everard, O: Harlton, N: Linton, Q: Landbeach and P: Grantchester. In 1925 Papworth were linked with 6th Cambridge District, by 1926 Linton had become part of the 5th Cambridge District. In 1924 Linton Troop recorded ‘Scouts have come up from (the) Pack’ suggesting a real if unrecorded link.

Details of individual Packs are given on separate pages where registration papers are available.

JWR Archivist Jan 2021