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Fulbourn is first mentioned in 1919, as defunct.  It is not clear if it was founded in the war and not registered (this happened). It may have been started and failed in that year. It is not named in the 1920 District review ‘Reveille!’


It is formally recognized as being in existence in 1921, with a number – 18th Cambridge District. It had the Imperial HQ number of 10758

At this date two numbering systems were running,

  • Cambridge (inside town boundaries)
  • Cambridge District (outside Town boundaries)

It certainly ran until 1928.

1928 – 1933?

It is not recorded between 1928 and 1933 – it is not entirely clear if there was a hiatus or if they were not engaged in District events and missed the ‘engaged in’ lists. (I suspect the former)

At this point the Group system came into operation and the dual numbering system went (not quite at the same time and not very well documented) and it becomes harder to track.

1933 – 1934

Fulbourn became 57th Cambridge. They are first listed as such on 11th April 1933. This very specific date is a little late for many of the new Group numbers which occurred in 1928 (although the full list is not available until 1933). Again a reason to suspect a hiatus or hibernation if not a full closure. It was listed as ‘closed or in abeyance’ in November 1934/5.

The number 57th was proposed for a Group on Oakington in 1950, but did not go ahead. We can assume that no Fulbourn Group was in the offing at that time. Numbers were generally saved for groups in an area of town or a village. This was not always a fixed fact, and the very short lived 57th may have slipped the collective memory.

1956 – date

The Fulbourn Scouts restarted in 13/12/1956 with the 57th Cambridge number (some one remembered) and the IHQ number 32948.

The Parish Magazine of 1952 – 1957 does not record monthly Scout events. It neither hosted nor was named for the Troop. However, it did record that the Rector Rev T C Ledgard MA was the County Scout Chaplain and attended the St Georges Day at Ely Cathedral in 1954. In 1957 the Scout Troop, Pack and Cambridge Scouters attended Evensong when the original colours of the Troop were laid up in the Church and the new colours dedicated.

It is interesting to note that someone held on to the original flag and returned it to the new (1956) Group for it to be ‘laid up’.  It was by then the wrong name and decidedly old style.


  • ‘Fulbourn Scouts’ started in Cambridge District
  • Ahead of the 1935 split was part of the Sub Division ‘North Cambridge’ (which was to be renamed East Cambridge then Mid Cambridgeshire) but so quickly defunct only in North Cambridge.
  • At the 1983 Split became part Cambridge South. 
  • Reverted to Cambridge when the two halves re-joined in 2001

JWR Archivist May 2022