7th Cambridge

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The Old Cantabrigian Society records the County School Troop (below) as starting in 1915 and gives details of war time activities. The original scarf is described as yellow and purple.

This photograph is held in the 13th Archives. The distribution of leaders fits the following list of names found in the same archive.

At the time that the Trinity College Choir were to work with the 7th at least two Trinity men were working with the Troop. None of the above are listed on the school Roll of Honour.

2002 41785 Corrie Road GSL Barry Badcock

The 7th /23rd Cambridge was part of South Cambridge District. In 1987 a (troop?) was reported as to have been ‘up and running’ with six Scouts with possibly another four after half term.

JWR Archivist Mar 2019 Nov 2019