7th Cambridge District: Outline

Cambridge District Scout Archive


  • Cambridge District troops are those outside Cambridge Town boundaries.  Some troops altered from Cambridge District to Cambridge as the boundaries altered. This system ended in steps between 1928 and 1935 and all roups used Cambridge numbers.
  • Packs were not formally attached to troops until the move to the Group system in 1928.
  • Many of these District troops are poorly recorded.
  • 7th Cambridge District (Sutton)                                -1911
  • 7th Cambridge District (Foxton)                                – 1915
  • 7th Cambridge District (Harston)                              – 1920
  • 7th Cambridge District (Castle Camps)                     1920
  • 7th Cambridge District (Brinkley and District)         -1928                           15045
  • 7th Cambridge District

7th Cambridge District (Sutton)                                -1911

The troop is mentioned in several lists in 1910 – 1911 and at the BP rally of 1911.  Not on 1912 Rally list, which is not a complete list of District troops but apparently largely complete.  Possibly moved to new Ely Districts (dates unclear)


7th Cambridge District (Foxton)                                1912 – 1915

On 1912 AGM list of troops.   Pre WW1 secretaries notes on the troop.

  • SM       A J Impy
  • ASM     H J Hall

Note ‘Mr Impey in difficulties owing to lack of time – applies for help if possible another Scoutmaster’

  • SM Whelpton assisting           November 1913

Last known mention 1915.


7th Cambridge District (Harston)                              1920 – 1923

An extract from Cambridge Independent Press – Friday 19 November 1920, page 8 concerning the unveiling of the War Memorial gives:

‘The church was crowded. Included in the congregation were the Newton and Harston Posts of the Comrades of the Great War, under Lieut. Hart and Lieut. V. Northrop, and the 7th District (Harston) Troop Boy Scouts, under Scoutmasters H. A. Compton Bishop and W. E. Compton Bishop.’

A registration form from 1921/22 without IHQ stamp has the note ‘Not to be registered until May 1922 on the top.  Planning to meet at the Old School  it was an Open troop

The story is not known.  Notes from the registration document give:

  • Troop Suspended 6 months    Nov. –April incl.
  • No SM F R Smith Esq Pres of Troop Committee, The Mill House
  • Application made 24/4/1922
  •             V H Northrupp as SM                          (see above – probably same name)
  • Application made ADC Slater 24-5-2
  •             ER Smith
  • Application made by H A Compton- bishop Dec 11 and deferred
  •             SM Compton-Bishop Montrose House
  •                         Registered by X Com 20/2/23

Then to DC for approval 21.2.1923

Three copies of the Troop registration Form (all identical) are lined through with ‘The County Comm(issioner) and DC refuse to register’.

The troop was to be Open and listed one leader Crompton-Bishop and 16 Scouts.  There is no evidence that it ever opened at this time.


7th Cambridge District (Castle Camps)                     1920                (Probably an error)

This is from a report of the Jamboree of 1920 which is in error in a number of Troops


7th Cambridge District (Brinkley and District)         1926 – 1928                            15045

Troop registration 2nd June 1926 the address of the HQ is a leader’s house.  The three leaders are given without rank and are based in Six Mile Bottom, Brinkley and Burrough Green.

  • Charles Clifton Oakley
  • James Savory
  • Richard ? Cory

They list 18 Scouts.  The Troop is again listed in 1928 but not as a Group in the switch to the Group system in that year or thereafter.  However a Post Group system number of 7576 is listed which suggests that it lasted to the end of 1928.

JWR Archivist Jan 2023