7th Cambridge: Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

  • 7th Cambridge                        Barnwell Abbey                                                         1910
  • 7th Cambridge                        Christ Church and Jesus Lane Sunday School        1912
  • 7th Cambridge                        County School                                                             1915
  • 7th/23rd                                                                                                                                              1976
  • 7th/23rd and 13th        

For the greater part of its history 7th Cambridge has been the County school, under one of several titles, as the school changed name.

7th Cambridge                        Barnwell Abbey                                                         1910

In existence in 1910 and listed as attending 1911 and 1912 Scout Rallies we have little other information about this troop.  In conjunction with the close proximity to the start of the Christ Church and Jesus Lane Sunday School it is possible that it is just a change of name.  The scarf is described as claret/magenta in CC & JLSS which might support the above hypothesis or a thrifty reuse of kit.

Magenta colours

7th Cambridge                        Christ Church and Jesus Lane Sunday School         1912

The pre Great War hand written notes, probably from the District Secretary Mr Green, give us the name of the president Rev. J R S Taylor, but no SM.  The headquarters was Paradise Street School, a building owned by JLSS.  The troop is listed as defunct from October 1913 ‘but no official intimation given’.   The District had an established link with JLSS through Rev Wood SM 9th Cambridge, later DSM, DC and CC but presumably the troop was not one of his many Scouting roles.

The troop was listed in the 1912 and 1912-13 AGM reports.

Claret scarf and blue shirt

7th Cambridge                        County School           / Cambridge and County/ Cambridge High School for Boys                                                                                                                        1915

Whilst this troop was first recorded in official lists as 1919 many troops that started during the Great War were not listed until 1919.  Evidence from other sources clearly demonstrates a start date of 1915, including an original founding photograph of that date.

  • SM       H E F Pacey     May 1915 – July 1917
  • ASM     Beard              1915

Members of the original troop are also named.   Scarf Blue and Green diagonal (ie half and half square)

The 7th Alas! “His voice is gone; We hear no Maw, However, we hear that a new novel will shortly be published by Messrs. West & Roper, called “The Power House,” by Teddy the Book’un

7th (County School). The misfortune of the Troop is that, when a boy leaves the School, he necessarily leaves the Troop, as meetings are held in the afternoon: therefore Maw and Mansfield are not. But the Scouts are splendidly backed by the Headmaster, and this term have a number of keen recruits. They are lucky in having secured Mr. Power as S.M., and have excellent P.L.’s in Hersey and Collins. They had a great Field-day with the Corps at Wimpole, acting as their Scouts.

From 1919 Registration (IHQ  No 905) the troop was Controlled by the school and met at St. John  The Evangelist Mission Room in Blinco Grove, opposite Morley school.

  • SM       H G Goldsmith             (to Jun 1922)
  • ASM     Richard Butler             (to Jun 1922)   Trinity College                        1922
  • ASM     Dav. P Kennedy                                   Trinity College                        1922
  • SM       B Armstrong                                        St John’s College
  • ASM     T M Cherry                                          Trinity College
  • ASM     R G Martin                                          Cheshunt College        1924
  • ASM     A H Marks                                           Queens’ College

The number s given in 1919 were – 1 warranted officer and 30 Scouts.

SM in 19254/5 was T M Cherry, by then a Fellow at Trinity.  It is of note that a proposed Trinity College Choir Troop was to work with the 7th in 1922.  A separate Trinity Choir troop did not emerge.

By 1930 the Group had the IHQ number 7565, re-registered on 7th Dec 1928 at the move to the Group system. 

The leaders given in 1930 were:

  • GSM    H. A. Cartledge                      53, Coleridge Road
  • ASM     C. H. C. Grimes                      Christ’s College
  • ASM     A. M. Barrett                           Pembroke College. (57 Kimberley Road)
  • ASM     C. W. Lewis                             Christ’s College

In c.1934, when they were Cambridge High School for Boys:

  • G.S.M.             W. J. Lowey                            
  • A.S.M. Dr. R. Randell                        
  • A.S.M. C. P. Brand                             
  • A.S.M. D. E. Varley                            
  • Rover   K. Emburey                             
  • A.S.M. P. D. Snelson                          

And c. 1950 when they had a Senior Scouts section:

  • Scouter I/C: W. J. Lowey,

Census returns give

  • Scouts                          1921 – 1975
  • War Service Scouts     1942
  • Air Scouts                    1945
  • Rovers                         1925, 1927, 1932 – 1934, 1941, 1963 – 1967
  • Ventures                      1968 – 1975
  • Cubs                            1941

7th /23rd                                                                                                                                                           1976

The 7th lost a function when the school became a Sixth Form College and a home when they were given notice to move from Tenison Road site by Jesus College in 1976.  They worked together with the 23rd Cambridge for three months then joined the 23rd on 1st January 1976.  The Venture Unit joined the 5th (Perse) and became the Tithe Venture Unit.  Both schools sat on land that had been part of the Tithe Farm many years before.

7th/ 23rd           HQ number 41785.

The 7th/23rd stuttered in 1983, probably with the loss of accommodation but Cubs reopened in 1983.  In 1984 the District split and Census returns do not remain after that date.  A Scout Troop did re emerge, possibly in 1987 and records remain of camps, the last record in 2008.

Census returns give

  • Cubs                1976 – 1984
  • Scouts              1976, 1980 – 1983
  • Tithe VSU        1976 – 1984

The Group continued until c. autumn 2004 when it moved to join the 13th Cambridge.

  • GSL Barry Babcock      c. 2002 when they were meeting at Corrie Road and at least until 2005.

7th/23rd and 13th

The last records list the 7th as ‘7th/23rd and the 13th’.  The last known date is 2008.  The 13th remain an active Group. 

JWR Archivist Oct 2022

Ex 7th Cambridge (County School) member Ken Drake and GSL John Woolfenden have compiled an archive of documents and recollections. Copies are available from Ken Drake for £10 each. Contact via this site. November 2022