Scout Running and Cross Country

Cambridge District Scout Archive

running about and the Scout Pace are both parts of Scouting. As an organised sport outside Athletic competitions they are rarely recorded.


A Scouts Athletic Club was proposed c 1927 and a meeting to discuss the practice if track running among Scouts and Rovers organised by D J Oakman (13th). No evidence of a formal club following this meeting exists.

Cross Country

Few reference to this sport have been located in District Records. C T Woods, the DC and CC was a cross country runner of note at University level but does not appear to have favoured this activity although his troop, the 9th Cambridge, was known as a physically active group.

1944    Cross Country team prepared for Junior Championship.  This was initiated by 26th/ Pye sports club cooperation.

1977 A Cross Country competition run 1977, it had four age groups named

  • Colts                11 and 12                    2½ miles 1st Harston
  • Boys                 13 and 14                   2½ miles 1st Over
  • Youth               15 and 16                   3 miles no teams entered
  • Junior              17 to 19                      4 miles

Individual winners without troop or group affiliations were listed in CSG.

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