Running and Cross Country

Cambridge District Scout Archive


A Scouts Athletic Club was proposed c 1927 and a meeting to discuss the practice if track running among Scouts and Rovers organised by D J Oakman (13th). No evidence of a formal club following this meeting exists.

Cross Country

Few reference to this sport have been located in District Records. C T Woods, the DC and CC was a cross country runner of note at University level but does not appear to have favoured this activity although his troop, the 9th Cambridge, was known as a physically active group.

1944    Cross Country team prepared for Junior Championship.  This was initiated by 26th/ Pye sports club cooperation.

1977 A Cross Country competition run 1977, it had four age groups named

  • Colts                11 and 12                    2½ miles
  • Boys                 13 and 14                   2½ miles
  • Youth               15 and 16                   3 miles
  • Junior              17 to 19                      4 miles

Individual winners without troop or group affiliations were listed in CSG.

JWR Archivist May 2019