Wolf Cub Boxing Competition

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Left hand trophy engraved       Cambridge Wolf Cub/Boxing Competition

Presented by C L De Beaumont/ 1922

The plaque on the rear is missing. See also page on Boxing.

Right hand trophy has no base or engraving and the rear leg is broken at the ankle.

The Wolf Cub boxing trophy was ‘Inter pack’ had three weight categories and was active between 1923 and at least 1931.  

The 8th Cambridge Harvey Goodwin won in 1927 and 1931 or 1932 (from Annual Report 1932) but without a date of the competition.

The following extracts are from ‘The Yelp’ a Cambridge Wolf Cub periodical of 1920 ‘At least four packs are breeding Boxers; the ones I have seen have pleased me very much.  Some of you take boxing far too seriously whilst others laugh and let their tongues roll between their teeth; one Cub bit his tongue last week, he will remember!’

‘Of course it is a game Cubs, and the more you Box the more fun you will find in it but although it is a game, there is a serious side to it too.  You may not always live in a peaceful town like Cambridge, and some day your skill in Boxing may help you protect some-one smaller who seems to be in tight corner.’

A Pack heroes are taking their Boxing lessons very seriously; their instructor is delighted with them.  So far only one nose has been made to bleed, and that was when one Cub challenged another much bigger than himself- good man!’

Cub packs had an alphabetical identification system before the Group system in 1928.  ‘A Pack’ was the first pack.  Other packs existed with Troop numbers.

JWR Archivist Feb 2019