Scout Wrestling

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Wrestling is occasionally mentioned as a Scout activity.

Traditional British wrestling styles have many variations with ground work, jackets (for holding), clogs (for kicking), start holds and local rules.  The Lancastrian ‘catch as catch can’ has no restrictions on holds.  We have no mention of which styles was adopted.  Clearly in the mounted wrestling mentioned below no style form would match the situation. 

It can be assumed that wrestling in sports competitions had a rudimentary understanding of the rules; play wrestling had a rudimentary understanding of ‘the limits’.

Cambridge Archives

1919    July Sports competition at Fenners included wrestling ‘which caused great excitement’.  Cambridge Chronicle

1935    1st Harston, recently formed from the Harston Patrol of 56th Cambridge, included mounted wrestling (piggy back)

The following picture is from the 9th Cambridge in 1926. It is not clear from context if it is JuJitsu or Wrestling.

JWR Archivist Mar 2021