Camp Shelters

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The first known photograph of shelter building in Cambridge. Possibly not slept in, ‘The Back’s’ is a very public thoroughfare.

C T Wood album. Late 1920’s early 1930’s

The following are undated, but possibly pre Senior Scouts. 12th Cambridge

Windbreak at Abington From Cambridgeshire Collection
7th Cambridge Falcons 1938 Cambridgeshire Collection (Bracken roofing)

2018 The ‘unexpected breakdown’ on the way to a Youth Hostel left a pack stranded in the woods. The fortunate discovery of sheets of plastic and scattered tins of food meant that they could construct teepees, hammocks, tarps and tents. Despite being only 300 m from their tents they all stayed the course and slept dry through the rain.

JWR Archivist June 2021