Cambridge District Scout Archive

The following brief history covers the period when Harston was in Cambridge District in two forms and later when when it was in the South Cambridge District which altered its name to Granta in 1983. They are now part of Royston District

  • 1910 3rd Cambridge District A single reference as Newton/ Harston/ Shelford
  • 1918 7th Cambridge District Last mention 1920
  • 1935 53rd Cambridge Haslingfield later rename Haslingfield and Harston.

The last brief inclusion in Cambridge District was immediately prior to the major four way split of the very large Cambridge District in 1935.

The following is taken directly from 1st Harston page https://1stharston.org.uk/about-us/history/ Feb 2021

The first recorded Scout group was back in the 1920’s and lasted for about three years. The troop was reformed on the 21st February 1934 and finally closed sometime during the war.

It wouldn’t be until March 1969 when a need was identified in the area and Dave Clark was asked to help run a new Scout group that the troop was once more reformed and has gone from strength to strength. After three months Dave went from helping out to running the whole show. His back ground in the Army established the policy of the Group from day one, providing a programme of well organised adventure and fun in a controlled and safe environment.

David finally retired as Group Scout Leader in December 1995 and Roger Summerfield, having been one of his leaders, took over in January 1996. Roger’s Scouting history, no he didn’t know Baden Powell, goes back to his Cub days in 1948, thorough Scouts, senior Scouts and the world jamboree of 1957 up to him joining us here at the 1st Harston as a leader in 1972.

The records for our Cub pack start in 1973 when Betty Holmes was Akela, a job she did up to when she reached the Scout Associations official retirement age for leaders in 1996.

In the Granta Magazine of 1975 (the name of the District had changed the year before) it was recorded that the 1st Harston Cub Pack was two years old.

JWR Archivist Feb 2021