Lt Colonel Harry Mainwaring

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Harry Mainwaring was born on August 20 1919, going up to Queens’ College, Cambridge, in 1938 to read Theology; he intended to become a priest.  On the outbreak of war, however, he undertook officer training before being commissioned into the Royal Artillery. 

Mainwaring, his OP assistant, his driver and a captain in a recce regiment, carrying only small arms, crept through the narrow streets in an outflanking movement. Despite being greatly outnumbered, they rushed the gun crew from a cemetery side gate and dealt with them. For this action and for his outstanding service in the campaign, Mainwaring was awarded an MC.

By the end of the war Mainwaring had been twice mentioned in despatches. He then returned to Cambridge, where he switched from Theology to Economics. He had lost none of his Christian faith, but after his experiences in the war he did not feel that he could become a priest.

Having graduated Mainwaring rejoined the Army in the rank of major and served in the Royal Army Education Corps. His first assignment took him to Korea on a two-year posting. Aged 50 he took voluntary retirement as a lieutenant-colonel on the Regular Commissions Board, and for the next 15 years worked at the Cambridge Institute of Education.

Devoting himself to helping people to develop their potential, he took an active part in the Scout movement and, aged 65, retired as County Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.

Joined 11th Cambridge and quickly moved to become

‘a couple of years earlier a Maj H Mainwaring (Pronouned Main-waring not Mannering) moved rapidly through the warrants at 11th and  became ADC (Prior to leaving the Army?)

DC in 1968  -1970

CC      1973 – 1979 (the figures and the quote above does not add up)

Trustee of Abington 1981 – 1997

Died 2014

JWR Archivist June 2019