25th Cambridge: Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The number ‘25th Cambridge’ had two major and two or three minor periods of use.

  • 25th Cambridge          Victoria Road Congregational Church            1918 – 1919
  • 25th Cambridge          Morley Memorial School                                1922 – 1923
  • 25th Cambridge          Morley Memorial School (Pack)                     1922 – 1923
  • 25th Cambridge          Abington Babraham Hildersham                    1928 –
  • 25th Cambridge          Victoria Road Congregational Church            1938 – 1950
  • 25th Cambridge                                                                                  1950 – 1951

The 1928 and 1938 groups have fuller entries.

25th Cambridge         Victoria Road Congregational Church        <1918 – 1919

In attendance at 1917 BP rally, which suggests it was active some year or years earlier and this was a late registration, something that was the norm during and after the Great War.

From Reveille! A single issue District magazine printed January 1920 we have no recognition of their presence, which suggests that they were defunct by late 1919.  The troop met at the Church School House.

25th Cambridge         Morley Memorial School                              1922 – 1923    9630

Census returns for 1922 and 1923 only

Registered 14th March 1922 with 17 Scouts and 1 leader it was a controlled troop and met at the school in Blinco Grove.

  • Ralph Brown   SM

The troop was ‘in abeyance and not re registered Oct 1925’.

25th Cambridge          Morley Memorial School (Pack)                  1922 – 1923    5222

A pack was registered later in the same year 4th July 1922 with three leaders and 24 Cubs

  • Ralph Brown   CM
  • G Rammer      ACM
  • H Jeffery          ACM

Similarly controlled by the school where the meetings were held it similarly did not re register in October 1923.   Census returns for Cubs are not recorded before 1927.

Morley Memorial School had hosted packs and troops during the Great War with the support of St John’s Church.  St John’s had a long history of hosting and supporting scouting with the 1st Cambridge District, 3rd Cambridge and later 28th Cambridge before this 25th Cambridge.  It is unclear why the 28th was not reused at this date; it was based at the school and had only folded in 1921.  Whilst not quite ‘established’ as the number for the area it was not in use elsewhere and it would be more usual.  The current 28th was established with support by the Church and significant involvement of teachers from the school in 1928.

25th Cambridge         Abington Babraham Hildersham                 1928 – 1934  18450/7569

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Registered ion 24th May 1928 as a Group, it listed two leaders 11 Scouts and 19 Cubs.  It was registered at the start of the Group system and the end of the differentiation between Cambridge troops (inside the town boundaries) and Cambridge District (outside the town boundaries).  The original forms call it Cambridge District, the District being lined through.

  • James Lewis                            GSM    CM      1927-1928
  • Charles William Lambert       ASM
  • G L Cockle                               GSM    CM      1928 – (GSM Whittlesford by 1933)
  • H E Pettit                                 ASM
  • S A V Roper                             GSM                1933

Census returns

  • Cubs    1928 – 1932
  • Scouts  1928 – 1934

This Group moved to South Cambridgeshire District, one of four that formed out of the very large Cambridge District in 1935.  Like others that moved it dropped the ‘Xth Cambridge’ and took village / location names.  25th Cambridge came free for use in the new smaller Cambridge District.

25th Cambridge         Victoria Road Congregational Church        1938 – 1950    19950

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Census returns

  • Cubs                1942 and 1945 – 1950
  • Scouts              1941 – 1950
  • Senior Scouts  1947 – 1948
  • Rovers             1945 – 1950

The troop was Sea Scouts and recorded 42 in 1945 12 of whom were Sea Rovers.  The total numbers of Scouts had dropped to 12 by 1950.  The leadership of the troop diminished at this point.

25th Cambridge                                                                                 1950 – 1951

This registration, 1st June 1950, probably reflects the move to an ‘Open’ Group.

The 25th Troop and Church separated in 1950 and the District proposal was that the pack remained associated whilst the troop amalgamated with the 29th/42nd.  Within a year the pack had become part of the 12th Cambridge and was closed 31st May 1951.

JWR Archivist Aug 2022