51st Cambridge: Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Two important Groups used this number, both for a short period of time.

  • 51st Cambridge Whittlesford              1932 –                          14495 
  • 51st Cambridge Girton                                    1948 – 1953                26641
  • 51st Cambridge Histon                                    1953 – 1958                26641

51st Cambridge Whittlesford                                    1932 –                          14495 

Registered 9th April 1932 the Group moved to South Cambridgeshire District at the four way split of the very large Cambridge District in 1935.  At this point records stop being collated by Cambridge District.

They returned Census figures for

  • Cubs                1934
  • Scouts              1932 – 1934
  • Rovers              1934

They met at ‘The Guard Ship’ Whittlesford Lodge and were Sea Scouts.  Rovers were to meet at The Den, Post Office and Cubs at The Lair Whittlesford Lodge.

  • C L Cockle                   GSM
  • C N G Orton                ASM
  • Rev H A S Pink            RSL
  • Mrs L R Cockle            CM
  • Miss J Beasley             ACM
  • A g Weaver                 ASM                 Jesus College
  • Miss E M Merry          ACM
  • C N G Orton               Hon ASM

A very active and successful group only briefly part of Cambridge District and, as such, with little information available to this archive.

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51st Cambridge Girton                                   1948 – 1953                26641

The Girton group was founded in Mid Cambridgeshire District, one of the four districts formed from the very large Cambridge District in 1935.  Mid Cambridgeshire District stuttered during WW2 and was taken back into Cambridge District and on this move becoming permanent the Girton was registered as the 51st Cambridge on 7th November 1948. It had 3 leaders, 15 Cubs, 15 Scouts and 3 Rovers.

  • F J Rule GSM
  • Mrs Austin CM
  • H Rooke RSL

 This new group registered a Rover Scout in 1949.

Census returns give

  • Cubs                1949 – 1950
  • Scouts             1949 – 1953
  • Rovers             1949

It was meeting on the Village College Ground at Histon for some of this period. The 56th Impington amalgamated with the 51st in 1949 or 1950. On 8th March 1953 51st Cambridge (Girton) became 51st Cambridge (Histon).  Later in the year a new 10th Cambridge (Girton) Group opened. 

51st Cambridge Histon                                   1953 – 1958                26641

A straight continuation of the Girton Group it participated in the 50th Anniversary event on Midsummer Common in 1957.

Census returns give

  • Cubs                1955 – 1984
  • Scouts              1953 – 1984    when records end

The Group changed its name in 1958 to 1st Histon.  The Group once again stepped out of Cambridge District when the Cambridge District split into three in 1984.  It joined and remains a part of Cambridge: Crafts Hill District.

JWR Archivist Sept 2022