20th Cambridge District: Outline

Cambridge District Scout Archive


  • Cambridge District troops are those outside Cambridge Town boundaries.  Some troops altered from Cambridge District to Cambridge as the boundaries altered. This system ended in steps between 1928 and 1935 and all Groups used Cambridge numbers.
  • Packs were not formally attached to troops until the move to the Group system in 1928.
  • Many of these District troops are poorly recorded.


20th Cambridge District                     1915

 A 20th Cambridge District can only be assumed by mention of 19th and 21st in 1915.  No name or location is named.

Histon Lone Patrol is listed in 20th place in the list of Jan 1923 but not given a number.  It was registered as IHQ 9848 in 1922 but did not return census figures for 1923.

The only other known but un-numbered Cambridge District Troop is Six Mile Bottom.

JWR Archivist Jan 2023