Medal of Merit

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Medals of Merit were the highest award available to most leaders before 1940’s. The Silver Wolf was reserved for significant international work. The following list was compiled by H R Mallett DC and possibly later by W T Thurbon District Secretary.

Those without dates are entered in the approximate order of the date of taking a warrant.

Rev C T Wood9th1917
E H Church
G M MacFarlene Grieve5th1926
Fred Feary23rd1926
H R Mallet1932
John Norris1936
W C Ward?1927?1937
A C Covell Certificate of Merit13th1939
J D PearceSeaScouts1939
R H Cooke1939
W A Mackrow12th
Miss F E Isaacson28th19441960
I G Long19441960
H G F Cann19441960
W T Thurbon1944
Patrick Duff31st1946
R P Ayres60th1946
K P S NorthScout Shop19471960
Mrs. Cann1952
Dr Gourlay1953
Rev G K Tibbalt19531968
W J Lowey1953
M F Howard60th19531964
C J Walker19541976
E Lord (32nd before coming to Cambridge)
F A J MacKenzie11th 11th/9th1955
Mrs. R Conyers 1955
E Tilley1955
P R ArthurDC1956
Mrs. Beilby1960
Dr C P Brand1960
M D Brown1960
Mrs. V I Woodward19601968
Lt Col Mainwaring11th/9th DC1961
M H McFarlane5th1963
R E Harper1965
V Barnes1965
C A Mole1968
Mrs. Gardner Smith
J Chambers13th 1968
Mrs. Chapple1968
F Coston13th1968
K Mackay1968
Ivor Meadows44th1968
C Palmer1968
L Percival ?1968
S A V Roper1968
Mrs. Spence1968
C Taylor?19681980
J Squires1972
J Banham?1972
Mrs. Kit Brown?1973
Tony Fowler19741980
A J Brown1975
R Farringdon1976
Mrs. Rosemary Chambers1977
Barry Howe1977
George Cattermole1977
Peter Maskell (some point after 1977)4th
Anthony Cha….1977
Barrie Sheehan1978
Mrs. N Day
John Wolfenden
Mike Lowe
Terry Izzard
End of this source
Barry Badcock7th/23rd2004

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