5th Cambridge District

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1910 Trumpington and Grantchester to 1915

1914 – 1916 The 5th Cambridge District were run by Aubrey Westlake a Quaker and Medical student who left Scouting to start Order of Woodcraft Chivalry. John Murrish of the 12th took up some passing responsibility when AW left. A letter from the DC inviting him to pick up awards for Scouts of the 5th remains. Murrish was to leave for the war later in 1916.

A Scout from the 5th is known to have joined the Friends (Quaker) Ambulance Unit in Dunkirk via the Red Cross VAD scheme.

1918 Grantchester Pack (1st Grantchester) Knowns as ‘P Pack’ and registered locally from 1916. They were also listed as 5th Cambridge District in 1918. The first on the local records for the National Census with IHQ Pack number of 923.   Closed on in abeyance 1st Oct 1920

  • (see overlap with 17th District 1919 – 1920  from H Q records)
  • (see Grantchester Cub pack  1st Oct 1919 – 25/Jan 1922 [first registered locally 1916])
  • (Cambridge 1st Grantchester ‘P’ Cub Pack 13th Apr 1922 – 1st Oct 1928 reg 5054)

1920 Girton (possibly Dry Drayton)

1920 Barton

1923 Shepworth to 1925

1925/6 Linton to 1928 and an unclear transition to 69th Cambridge 1933.

  • Pack number 4797 Individually called ‘N Pack’ from 1923 – 1926, but clearly connected to Linton Troop in records in 1924. Registered as 5th Cambridge District from 1926/27 to 1928 and through to 1935.
  • Troop Number 13265
  • Post ’28 group number 7574

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