Huntingdonshire & Peterborough Scout County 1965 – 1977

Cambridge District Scout Archive

In 1965/6, a new Scout county was formed, known as ‘Huntingdon and Peterborough,’ and alongside this ‘The Soke’ became ‘The District of Peterborough.’

The west and east LA depicted below were an occasional structure. Peterborough was split into two districts at that point, North and South. The two districts had a shared exec, and some shared functions but with individual District teams and sectional ADCs.

Districts (possibly)

  • The District of Peterborough
  • West Hunts
  • South Hunts
  • +?

As Scouting continued to grow in popularity, Peterborough then split in to two districts – ‘Peterborough North’ and ‘Peterborough South.’

  • Peterborough North
  • Peterborough South

In 1977 the name changed to West Cambridgeshire Scout County

The diagram below illustrates the progression of Peterborough Districts.

JWR Archivist Mar 2023