E H Church

Cambridge District Scout Archive

E H Church was an early supporter, Treasurer froom 1912 – 1919 and President from 1920 – 1947. His background work for the Scouts and other charitable organisations in Cambridge is little reported but he was held in high esteem not only for the ‘Teas’ that he hosted, often at the Dorothy Cafe, but for the work he put into Scouting. He initiated entertainments and was willing to particiapte – he did not stand aloof.

He is a steady donor to District funds but is not known as an active leader of troops or packs. He is recorded as visiting camps.

The picture below with the 13th Cambridge in front of the Tracy Memorial Hall shows him in formal wear alongside the Scouts. It is one of the few I have been able to locate.

I remember that when Mr E.H Church (the District President) celebrated his 60th birthday, he gave us P.L.’s a party with a sit down meal. This was followed by a singsong, when he sung, and accompanied himself on the piano, “He left the baby on the shore” to much applause from us P.L.’s. Ken North

Ken North (See separate page) is also present in this photo.

JWR Archivist Jan 2020