10th Cambridge District: Outline

Cambridge District Scout Archive


  • Cambridge District troops are those outside Cambridge Town boundaries.  Some troops altered from Cambridge District to Cambridge as the boundaries altered. This system ended in steps between 1928 and 1935 and all roups used Cambridge numbers.
  • Packs were not formally attached to troops until the move to the Group system in 1928.
  • Many of these District troops are poorly recorded.
  • 10th Cambridge District (1st Newmarket)                             1912
  • 10th Cambridge District (Branches Park Cowlinge)             1913
  • 10th Cambridge District (Swavesey)                                     1918 – 1920
  • 10th Cambridge District (St Mary’s Gamlingay)                   1923
  • 10th Cambridge District (St Mary’s Gamlingay) Pack          1923
  • 10th Cambridge District (Bassingbourn)                               1924 – 1926
  • 10th Cambridge District (Hauxton)                                       1927

10th Cambridge District (1st Newmarket)                 1912

1912 1st Newmarket 1st Newmarket also listed as 16th, possibly in error in 1911, and as 6th at the same 1912 event, and remained as 6th until move to Newmarket District in 1916. The listing as 9th is also out of sequence being a recording earlier than the earliest known 8th.

Printed reports are taken from hand written originals – and from experience some of these are ambiguous.

1912 Linton Last mention 1915 (Note Pack listed from 1923 and linked with Linton when 5th District)

10th Cambridge District (Branches Park Cowlinge) 1913

  • SM                   J D Chapman
  • ASM                 1
  • Lady helper     Mrs G A Jonge (or Tonge)
  • Scouts              13

A note added at the time was ‘Troop being run under great local difficulties’.

To the newly formed Newmarket District in 1916.


Cambridge District (Swavesey)                                            1918 – 1920

Mentioned in Reveille! a single issue magazine published Jan 1920 as ‘still running’, although they were not passing information to District.  It is not clear when they started, 1918 being the first reference, but details about troops in the Great War are very poor.  Last listed in 1920.


10th Cambridge District (St Mary’s Gamlingay)                   1923 – 1926                             10903

Initially entered as St Mary’s Gamlingay (10th Cambridge District) and allowed to stand by the Secretary.  They met at Merton Grange and were controlled by the Church.

  • SM                   W Ellis             Merton Grange
  • ASM                 H W Turnwell
  • Chaplain          Rev E H Edwards

Initially registered in 22nd Jan 1923 with two leaders and 23 Scouts.  Listed in 1926  Green scarf.


10th Cambridge District (St Mary’s Gamlingay) Pack          1923 – 1924                6084

A much altered title appears to have been altered from Gamlingay (St Mary’s) Pack (10th Cambridge) to read 10th Cambridge District (Gamlingay).  They met at the Parish Rooms  and were open.  The St Mary’s Church entered under –“Controlled” by whom?  was crossed through.

  • Act CM            Edwin Daniels

Initial date of registration was 16th May 1923 with IHQ number 6084, a note records the pack as defunct in November 1924.  Scarf green.  Not listed in 1926.

The pack appears to have been initially placed under ‘West Cambs. Under Cambridge’.  No separate West Cambs. district existed at this date but four administrative sub districts were in place around this date.  This system does not appear to have lasted in practice.


10th Cambridge District (Bassingbourne)                             1924 – 1926

1924 Bassingbourne Last mention 1925/26 The numbers below have all been recorded but give no clear history. Troops failing to register yearly were sometimes re registered with a different number. Changes in registration details such as sponsorship also generated a new number. 

  • 12418 Troop number (pre ’28) closed c ‘34
  • 13619 Troop number (pre ’28) closed c 1934 
  • 14697  Troop number (pre ’28) closed c ‘36

10th Cambridge District (Hauxton)                           1927                            15952

Registered 1st March 1927 with one leader and 9 Scouts they met at Hauxton Vicarage, controlled by the vicar.

  • SM         R W Groom         Hauxton Vicarage
  • ASM      H G Goodall        St Catherine’s College

At the annual renewal in October we have the added details of scarf colour, light blue and black, that the annual camp was held at Wimpole Hall for seven days and 9 of the10 Scouts attended.

They are recorded in the annual report of 1925/1926, but the publication date of this may have been sufficiently delayed to permit the 1927 formation and or registration to be noted.  Last known date was 1928 although a later date of 1934 has the note ‘still going’.  They did not move to one of the four Districts that were formed from the very large Cambridge District in 1934.

JWR Archivist Feb 2023