Scout Association Forms

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The following Scout Association forms have been located in District Archives. POR publish full lists for each year. The following was compiled as a personal aide memoir but may grow to inform other changes. It is published as a possible source of information for others.

A          Registration Form for a Local Association

            Revised March 1960

A          Registration form for a District Scout Council

            Revised April 1968

AA        Additional form for more than 30 Troops/ Groups  Used with Form A

AOC     Annual returns on newly opened Groups

 A – B   Registration Form for a Local Association and Bye Law

            Revised March 1947

B          Bye Laws form

            Revised April 1968

C          Scout Group Registration

  • 20M/3/31
  • 10M/10/36
  • 10M/12/38
  • A form date stamped 1944 has no (rev.) date under Form C
  • (Rev. 10/49)
  • A form date stamped 1950 has no (rev.) date under Form C
  • (Rev. 1/57)
  • (Rev. 11/58)
  • (Rev. 5/62)
  • (Rev. 9/64)
  • (Rev. 11/68)
  • (Rev. 2/73)

The Imperial Headquarters return slip acknowledging Registration has no identifying letter

C 2       Change in Group Registration

  • 2M/6/34
  • 3M/12/37
  • (Rev. 10/49)

C 2 (A) Change in Group Registration

  • (Rev. 2/73)

CV        Registration of Venture Unit


D          Census returns            Revised yearly with individual years in the title


E          Report of defunct groups (As used in Gilwell records e.g. E79 defunct 1979)

F          Pack Registration Form

            Earliest Form

F          Group Registration and Census          (c 1966)

F 2       Particulars of Group Scouters

F 3       District Rover Group Annual Registrations and Census

PC 1 and 2                           Comment on camps (presumably by the camp warden) which in 1933 [Dist Mins] did prove that a later accusation of poor camping was not seen so at the time

SP        Group Property

  • (Rev. 12/65)

T 1 Notification of Transfer of a Scout from another District and requesting a place (example from 1968)

W D 3                    Covering slip warrants and certificates

WR/1 Pre WW2 warrants for endorsement

WR/2 Temporary (war) Warrant needs replacement

WR/3 Pre war warrants returned cancelled

WR/4 Temporary (war) Warrant not to be replaced

 X                            Registration of Commissioner    (Rev 6/61)

JWR Archivist Apr 2019