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During the Second World War Bletchley Park became the centre for gathering military information.  Many very able people worked at Bletchley or in the satelite stations around the world.  The Bletchley Park Roll of Honour (all those who worked there) links 186 of the 12968 listed under ‘Cambridge’.

Bletchley Park does not have an original list of those who worked there and any other links to Cambridge Scouts who were involved in the work would be appreciated.

Of these the following Cambridge Scouters have been identified.

Professor Frederik J M Stratton          Lt Colonel Military Section, SIXTA and selection of personal          Prof of Astrophysics          County President

Professor T G Room                            Working in Brisbane as head of Meterological Studies breaking Japanese codes               Mathematician                       University Rover Leader

Maurice Frederick Howard MBE                    Classic Master at the Leys School 60th Cambridge (The Leys) and later Scout Commissioner.  MBE was for his work with Royal Signals connected with decoding work at Bletchley Park. Not listed on Roll of Veterans by Bletchley. See Leys school obituary.


Professor Patrick Duff                         Professor Duff is not listed as working at Bletchley Park but it is clear he knew of the existence of a service.  Wikipedia states ‘Tutte’s tutor, Patrick Duff, suggested him for war work at the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park’.  (Bill Tutte was a significant contributor to breaking codes.)             County Secretary     

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