17th Cambridge District

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1915 A Troop was listed by number only and no name attached.

A number of overlapping records exist after this date.

1919 Barton and Grantchester from Oct 1st 1919 – Oct 1st 1924 having both Pack and Troop and an IHQ number of 50

  • A Grantchester Cub Pack existed from 1st Oct 1919 – 25/Jam 1922 [first registered locally 1916]
  • Cambridge 1st Grantchester ‘P’ Cub Pack 13th Apr 1922 – 1st Oct 1928 reg 5054. The ‘P’ designation for Packs suggest that it either had a very early registration and this an historical designation and that it was not linked to a Troop
  • Barton Troop is also listed as 5th District in 1919/ 1920

1921 Barton registered in 1921

1923 Listed as Barton and Grantchester. Listings as Barton are possibly shortened versions but with the complex records (above) the sequence is not clear.

1926 Barton opened in 1926 with an IHQ number of 15046. Pack and Troop.

1929 Barton closed in 1929 with an IHQ number of 7579. Pack and Troop.

It is possible that these last two entries were a continuous Group and the change in IHQ number followed a change in registration or hiatus in the yearly re registration.

1935 move initially to West Cambridge as the very large Cambridge District splits in four. It then moves to South Cambridgeshire.

JWR Archivist Jan 2021