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Cambridge District Scout Archive

This page is a collection of Troops and Groups that are linked to Cambridge District. It is not intended to contain every connection established but to act as a repository of possible points of confusion.

Caldicott school : 60th Cambridge This Troop/ Group was formed at Caldicott School, Hitchin. It was set up as a Prep School for the Leys school and a Troop started in 1912. No Troop was started in the Leys until 1933, although it had been considered prior to this date. Caldicott school was present at the opening of the Scout building in 1934, but the links with the school diminished after the purchase of the very local St Faiths school as a Leys Preparatory School in July 1938.

1st and 2nd Cambridge University Troops These troops were started in the London based Cambridge University Mission. Four other troops are known to have been started in Cambridge College Missions. See Structure/ University scouting/ Cambridge University Missions. They were not part of Cambridge District, but some Colleges and Troops did host camps from the London troops.

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