Gang Show Props

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The following photographs are of Cambridge Gang Show props that had been stored at Perne Road. As will be seen most had become damaged by damp, mice, ivy or generally by ‘time’. They are presented without date or distinction – the scripts have not been studied to the point where any such details can be proffered.

The DC and the last of the props.

The gang show props bring back a few memories, the Angel sign was from way before my time with the show (1990 – 2000) but was for some reason always loaded onto the lorry when we took the scenery to the theatre. The circular “pennies” were made by myself for either the 1994 or 1996 show, they were for four young ladies from Milton to tap dance on, I will be discrete and not list their names !!. The wedge shaped steps are part of an extensive set made over about four shows so we could have straight lines, inward and outward curves and slopes, they were mainly constructed by John Mills and the late David Nunn. The pieces of stage box were mainly constructed for the 2000 show by myself after the Mumford theatre ones were condemned, my final gang show carpentry efforts were making two more for 2002 in my own workshop.
The best of the carpentry was always the responsibility of John Mills, he was the professional, the rest of us were just amateurs.
June 2020 A Cook

JWR Archivist May 2020