Progress to Kings Scout

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Arthur William Thurlow joined the 13th Cambridge in 1939 and progressed steadily through his training to become a 1st Class Scout and Kings Scout. He joined as a Scout, not having been a Wolf Cub.


Scout Progress Record Card


11/9/1940National ServiceMallett
27/10/1941Interpreter (French)G Hyde
8/11/1941AmbulancemanW T Thurbon
23/6/19421st ClassT/L White
23/6/1942Kings ScoutT/L White
13/8/1942CookJ D Payne6th Gibralter (London)
10/9/1942CamperFred Feary
16/9/1942All Round CordFred FearyPatrol Second
12/7/1943Master at ArmsH WilliamsonFoils
H EckersleyGymnastics
6/7/1944CyclistACC Mackrow
30/4/1945HandymanACC Mackrow
Musiciansigned SM not examined
18/6/1946Interpreter (Spanish)Harmer
Artistasked to be examined

His Green and Yellow cord is listed but his Senior Scout records do not remain in his scrapbook. It may be that his records were continued on the ‘Scout Record Card’ or the formal Senior Scout Record cards did not become available at this early date. It is highly commendable that he managed to achieve as much as he did in a time of turmoil within the country and particularly within the Group. Towards the end of the war the Troop was very largely run by the older Scouts. Letters from Arthur arranging badge examiners for younger scouts remain within the scrapbook. Arthur was in communication with the founders of Cambridge Scouting as they ran the District in the absence of many of the newer, younger leaders.

He was active in the 13th as Scout, Senior Scout and Rover until he joined the RAF in late 1946 when he was again active in Scouting within the Forces. And he won prizes at Sunday School.

The 13th started a Senior Scout Patrol / Section before the formal start date of 1946.


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